St Hillary 

Case Study



ESA had been inspecting this amazing Beech tree annually for the last ten years. In 2010 a decayed area was recorded in one of the scans. No fungal brackets or dieback was noted. Over the following years, through the use of picas scans more degradation of the internal wood was seen and the presence of Ganorderma sp. was found. Decay of the undersides of some the roots was noted and areas of tip dieback were seen. After careful consideration between ourselves, the third party consultant, the council tree officer and the owners; the decision to remove the tree was taken.

The removal of a tree of this size and importance needed to be planned and managed and communicated. Various meetings were held with the village so that the reasons for the trees removal were understood. The councils tree officer as well as highways department were met on numerous occasions for the road closure and traffic management plans. There were pre site meetings with our own team and the crane operators team.

A team of 9 removed the tree in two days with the use of one of A & B's 80 tonne cranes and traffic control and planning was carried out by Forest Traffic management.

The tree weighed in excess of 38 tonnes. 32 tonnes of wood and 6 tonnes of wood chip were removed.

This contract entailed maintaining the tree and monitoring it's health and then to plan meticulously for its removal.

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